Series #1- What Opens YOUR Eyes?

Series Blog #1

Many of us will say that after our diagnosis we evolved into this new person, with new perspectives, appreciations, and personal growth. However, at what expense? A diagnosis, a car accident, losing a loved one, aging, a pandemic or natural disaster. I know this, because this is me. As soon as I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018, something shifted in me. I suddenly became different, inside I was rapidly figuring myself out, growing into new thoughts, emotions, and being more comfortable in myself than I ever had been in 37 years.

Why though? How can we find ourselves, experience life every day, live more in the moment, and let go of all the little things without having to endure so much pain, suffering, and loss?

I would never wish any of that upon anyone, however, the outcome some would say was worth it or the silver lining. Most would say they wouldn’t go back to be the person they were before the experience that forever changed them. However, what about all those living day to day who haven’t had that tough love? How do they evolve to this level of self-freedom?

Many consider parenthood another that influences self-identity, a selfless act of giving to your child, putting their needs before yours, and having an eternal responsibility. This is true in my own life, becoming a mother, showed me the amount of patience one can have, the ups and downs of 24 hours, the exhaustion and effort one will make for a child’s well-being and happiness. However, beyond this, 12 years later and a cancer diagnosis I could have never predicted how life-altering this would be when I felt I was confident and happy in the wife, mother, friend, sister daughter that I was.

But… what the traumatic experience allowed for me was freedom. Freedom to discover me, my likes and dislikes, and what in this world I was willing to fight for.

Every day we all have our routines, taking the same roads or routes to work or walking the same paths for exercise. Ever arrived at your destination to think, wow… I don’t recall getting here. What if I said I have magical glasses? Put these on and you will experience your drive or walk more than you ever have in your life? But…. It comes at a cost.

Most people need to experience trauma for the magic glasses to work. Still interested? At what cost? What will happen to you or your loved ones for these magic glasses to work? Still want to know?

Traumatic events allow us to reflect, step back, and create space in our everyday routines and lives. It is not by choice and those who experience this are forced into a situation they didn’t expect, didn’t choose, and somehow, someway find strength and appreciation for a chance at a new beginning. A drive to work that you slow down, sip coffee and look at the edge of the water that you travel day in and day out, but today its more beautiful, the water is calmer, there are more ducks, someone fishing, the sun’s reflection, a sign of life, warmth, and energy.

The next time you’re out walking you hear your footsteps hit the pavement, the wind on your face, and the sun on your shoulders. Birds flying overhead, the school kids playing, a fallen leaf, you stop and watch the waves longer and you look beyond the horizon.

This is life my friends through magic glasses.

Still want a pair of magical glasses? I want to hand them out, I want to give every soul in this universe a pair. These allow you to see more kindness, more smiles, brighter eyes, and you through all this are now more you than you ever were before.

My goal is to help everyone find a pair without having to endure the hardship that so often comes with them. So today, I ask you to pretend that you have magic glasses. Wear them while eating dinner with your family, while choosing your next book to read, waiting in the grocery store line up, driving to work, walking in your neighbourhood, and tell me what did they show you about your life?

Follow along this series of blogs to learn more about self-evolution and how one can learn to experience the world through “magical spectacles”.

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