1 New Friend Giving You Hope And Faith To Battle

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Beginning a blog and sharing my journey through breast cancer is both scary and exciting. I'm feeling the feels of vulnerability by putting myself out there to the world and I am also excited to know someone, somewhere will find my words and seek the reassurance needed, just as I had done.

When I was first diagnosed I met another young women who was also a mother, employee, friend, daughter all the things I was too and she made ALL the difference in how I was going to get through the next several months. So, if your here know "I get it" and I am here to shine some light on a situation that none of us chose but the choice we do have is to make the most out of. I will inspire you with empathy, honesty, and a little humour. Everyone, I mean everyone has a few good books inside them.



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