Awareness Is Power

What is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

It's NOT - Adding pink to product packaging It's NOT - Putting a pink ribbon on your logo It's NOT - Profiting off of human emotions

Raising awareness is continuing to educate women and men about breast cancer, how to complete self-checks and advocate for your own health. I found a lump in October 2018, when pink ribbons, pink boxes, pink products and everything was all breast cancer. This was tough emotionally as I waited results that I would be in fact diagnosed with stage 2 triple positive breast cancer in a matter of days.

Since my diagnosis, I feel strongly about continuing to help others and educate sharing my personal story. What helped me the most was my friends/family and local support services such as Breast Cancer Action Kingston and our local Kingston Cancer Centre. I am proud to say I needed help, and that I was able to receive that support from organizations such as two mentioned. Breast cancer does not discriminate.

3 years later, raising funds to support others is near and dear to my heart, I know others recently diagnosed and being able to play a small role in helping them have the same opportunities I had is a priority of mine for the month of October. For the second year now, Stella and Dot consultant Jessica Bright has helped raise awareness and funds for this important cause. She is a gem of a person, donating all of her commissions from sales and collecting direct donations for Breast Cancer Action Kingston. This year we hosted a virtual party called "Amanda's Beauty & Bling for Boobs". We are so excited for the 54 friends that joined our online party and through sales and donations we raised $925.00 which exceeded our numbers from last year by $425.00. WOW! THAT is breast cancer awareness month.

Let's stop pink washing. One day pink will just be another colour.

It doesn't hurt to ask where your money goes, and in return you could be increasing awareness and benefiting many women and men battling this disease.

Breast cancer is an incredibly difficult disease to fight or to watch a loved one go through. However, no one has to go through it alone. To donate directly visit

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