365 Days In The Life Of A Cancer Diagnosis!

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

It’s quite incredible that we are all only one moment away from our lives being altered forever. Although most of us don’t live thinking about it this way. Receiving a cancer diagnosis I felt my entire world halt to a stop. The life I had been living with my husband and 2 boys came crashing down around me. I have never felt the weight of something so heavy on my mind, body and soul as I did exactly 1 year ago today. Writing this I still get a lump in my throat remembering, the fear and all the tears. There was little choice or control over what was going to happen in the next several months.

1 year - 12 months - 365 days - 8760 hours - 525600 minutes

2 biopsies 3 mammograms 4 ultrasounds 1 genetic test

1 life altering phone call Shaved my hair

1 wig 8 chemo treatments 1 allergic reaction 8 white blood cell booster injections 2 Picc Lines 21 hydration infusions 50 plus blood draws 3 MRIs 1 bone scan 1 cat scan 1 sentinel node injection A bilateral mastectomy surgery 11 lymph nodes removed Reconstruction surgery

4 radiation tattoos 25 rounds of radiation

1 infection 30+ x-rays 15 months of 7 years hormone therapy 3 hormone suppressant injections 3 ECGs 3 echocardiograms 1 heart rate monitor 50+ doctors appointments 30+ home nurse appointments

1 scope heart ultrasound

1 Salpingo ooperectomy surgery

1 body scan for skin cancer

1 ER visit

2 nights in hospital

Looking back its an unbelievable amount of time, no matter how I choose to count it. I recently read a post that inspired me to take a look at this past year through the lens of what I have been taught by cancer.

Cancer taught me I’m stronger then I ever imagined. In mind AND body. A positive mind heals and the body follows along.

I’ve learned that when faced with fear it is sometimes the clearest perspective one will experience. You can see and think of things you never could of before.

Cancer taught me that my bravery wasn't treatment, radiation, or surgery. It was overcoming my own fears and being there for my children when they needed me. For getting in my bathing suit with my extra chemo weight and wearing my wig down a water slide. Making memories and living in the moment when my mind tried to keep me from the world.

I’ve learned that those you surround yourself with are all that matter. I have never felt more loved and cared for in my entire life. I have stronger friendships and bonds then ever before.

Cancer brought me new friends I never would of connected with and couldn’t of made it through this year without.

I’ve learned that tough situations can be hard on a marriage, and that they can also make a marriage stronger then ever. I am forever thankful for the connection and support my husband has been for me and our kids.

I’ve learned that letting go is hard, but it is freeing and allows you to regain perspective.

I’ve learned that making memories can happen everyday, it’s okay to say no and it’s ok to say yes. It’s also ok to have cake for breakfast.

I’ve learned that the outdoors no matter what your mood, will always improve it.

Cancer taught me to look around, see and listen. To everyday things I saw but never really looked at.

Cancer has taught me that healing comes in many forms, (including 2 new kittens) it doesn’t automatically happen after treatment ends and it comes and goes. It’s a journey and different for everyone. No one knows another persons internal battles. Be kind always.

Cancer has taught me that I can get through the bad days and the even impossible days and that there are way more good days, and even great days ahead.

Cancer won't define me.

Mostly I’ve learned giving up is not an option.

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